TKO Push / Pull Sled


The TKO Push / Pull Sled can add variety and intensity to your training plan, check out the sled push — an excellent exercise for overall conditioning, strength development, improving speed and acceleration, and torching calories.

Whether you throw it in as a finisher to a leg workout or make it part of a full-body circuit, adding the sled push to your routine will challenge your body to achieve better results.

The sled push is a full-body strength, power, and speed exercise that increase speed, boosts performance, and burns calories. 

  • Frame is 11 gauge steel
  • Skid plate is 7 gauge steel
  • Replaceable floating skid plates
  • Non-slip textured push handles
  • Single eyelet welded front pull connector

Frame Color: Matte Black

Dimensions:  40" L x 33" W x 

Weight:  75 lbs

Warranty: Frame 5yr, Parts 1 year



California Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S) 




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