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Bike Anatomy


The BODY BIKE® Connect handlebar and related fittings are made from stainless steel. The handlebar is rubber coated to ensure a firm and comfortable grip, and the bar ends offer multiple position choices. Adjustments can be made both horizontally and vertically to provide the optimal cycling experience and the thumb screw eliminates play in the handlebar. The adjustments are made with large adjustment handles and can be operated even with sweaty palms. The handlebar comes with the “Wave” bottle holder which places two water bottles within easy reach.

The BODY BIKE® Performance Console is fitted right in front of the cyclist on an adjustable mount. The navigation line makes it easy to navigate between the 5 screens showing valuable feedback from your training effort. It has an acryl lens and a LCD Display of the FSTN type for added sharpness and contrast. The console is IPX2 waterproof.

Bike Anatomy


BODY BIKE® Connect is ANT+ Certified. ANT™ is a demonstrably superior 2.4 GHz Practical Wireless Networking protocol for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) ultra-low power applications. ANT+ facilitates the collection, automatic transfer and tracking of sensor data for monitoring information anywhere, anytime. The key advantage of this unique managed network is device specific interoperability which enables wireless communication with other ANT+ products. ANT+ guarantees seamless digital wireless communication, long battery life and communication reliability.

Bike Anatomy


BODY BIKE® Connect uses DIRECT FORCE MEASUREMENT to measure the power output, which ensures that what you will see on your display is THE REAL DEAL. This accurate measurement is achieved through the use of a smart sensor, that works similar to a scale. So the sensor measures the actual force you exert when you are adding tension. No guesswork or estimations.

Bike Anatomy


Front- and saddle posts, handlebar and saddle mounting fittings are all stainless steel, completely eliminating problems of rust and deterioration.

Bike Anatomy


The saddle can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to provide the optimal cycling position. The large adjustment handles with stainless steel thread are easy to operate even with sweaty palms. BODY BIKE® Connect comes with the PRO Soft saddle as standard which is the bestselling saddle at BODY BIKE®. BODY BIKE® holds a range of different saddles suited the different needs of the users. Ask your local BODY BIKE® distributor for advice or take a look at our accessories section on this website.

Bike Anatomy


The cycling experience on a BODY BIKE® cannot be compared to anything. A poly V-belt system ensures a smooth and quiet thread while the 20kg / 44lbs flywheel provides a natural cycling experience. Crank and flywheel is in processed cast iron and it is equipped with high quality SKF bearings. Deployment of the integrated emergency brake easily stops the interior system from rotating. BODY BIKE® Connect comes with a special designed friction free mounting of the brake unit. The brake unit is fitted with the lubrication free BODY BIKE® Synthetic Brake Pad with Kevlar®.

Bike Anatomy


The side covers enclose the interior system of the indoor bike and protect it from dust and perspiration. They give the indoor bike a long lifespan and make it easy to maintain. The covers also provide a safety for the user as unintended contact to the rotating flywheel is eliminated. Even though the BODY BIKE® Connect is completely closed, the interior of the indoor bike is easily accessible through the service hatches ensuring that maintenance can be carried out quickly and easily. On the rear end of the indoor bike there is a reinforced area for stretching. The covers also create a canvas where only the imagination sets limits to what can be displayed.

Bike Anatomy


The stabilizers and stabilizer mountings of the BODY BIKE® Connect is made from stainless steel and then electro-polished to give it a smooth surface, easy to wipe off after use. The flexible and adjustable rubber feet make it easy to level the indoor bike and they absorb vibrations in order to give you a smooth ride. The front stabilizer has wheels with heavy duty bearings for easy transport

Bike Anatomy


The pedal arm is a critical component on an indoor bike as it needs to withstand a huge load. BODY BIKE® has taken the consequences of this and designed their own pedal arm. The BODY BIKE® Connect comes with this special designed and unbreakable BODY BIKE® pedal arm in cast iron, 170mm / 6.7inch. The pedal arm is compatible with all standard pedals.

Bike Anatomy


A strong robot-welded frame provides a solid base for the indoor bike. All frame parts are made from powder coated steel, except for the front tube and saddle tube. These parts are made from powder coated stainless steel providing the frame with extra strength in the areas where the adjustment handles are tightened. Front- and saddle posts, handlebar and saddle mounting fittings are all stainless steel, completely eliminating problems of rust and deterioration.

BODY BIKE® Connect


BODY BIKE® Connect - the ultimate indoor cycle. All vital parts are in stainless steel, completely eliminating problems such as rust and deterioration, and is WATT Equipped
  • Handlebar
    • Made from stainless steel
    • Rubber-coated to ensure a firm and comfortable grip
    • Vertically and horizontally adjustable
    • Comes with the "Wave" bottle holder within easy reach
  • Vertically and horizontally-adjustable saddle
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Powder-coated stainless steel front and saddle tube
  • Poly V-belt system ensures a smooth and quiet thread
  • Integrated emergency brake stops the system from rotating
  • 41" L x 23.5" W x 39" H (105 x 60 x 100 cm)
  • WATT EQUIPPED: Watt is a direct expression of how hard you are working. Allowing you to perform more watt at the same heart rate. Record your data, track your improvements, avoid premature exhaustion, & measure calories. Watt is an excellent tool for Personal Trainers & Instructors to help train/monitor clients/members.
  • For more information, go to Body Bike®'s official site.


California Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)



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