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Bike Anatomy

1. Handlebar

The BODY BIKE SMART® handlebar is made from powder-coated stainless steel. The handlebar is rubber coated to ensure a firm and comfortable grip, and the aluminium bar ends offer multiple position choices. Adjustments can be made both horizontally and vertically to provide the optimal cycling experience and it is possible to adjust from a seated position. The handlebar comes with the “Wave” bottle holder.

Bike Anatomy


BODY BIKE SMART® is designed with ease of use as a top priority. The SMART Release adjustments offer easy fine-tuning, so you can find the riding position that is perfect for you.

Bike Anatomy

3. Posts

The saddle- and front posts are made from anodized aluminium.

Bike Anatomy

4. Smart Saddle

The SMART saddle provides comfort to the cyclist during workout. It is shock-absorbing and has double-density padding. The saddle is unisex.

Bike Anatomy

5. Interior

The cycling experience on a BODY BIKE® cannot be compared to anything. A Poly V-belt system ensures a smooth and quiet cycling experience while the 20kg / 44lbs flywheel provides a natural feeling to it. Crank and flywheel is in processed cast iron and it is equipped with high quality SKF bearings. Deployment of the integrated emergency brake easily stops the interior system from rotating. BODY BIKE SMART® is fitted with the lubrication free BODY BIKE Synthetic Brake Pad with Kevlar®.

Bike Anatomy


The side covers enclose the interior system of the indoor bike and protect it from dust and perspiration. They give the indoor bike a long lifespan and make it easy to maintain. The covers also provide a safety for the user as unintended contact to the rotating flywheel is eliminated. Maintenance can easily and quickly be carried out due to the 4-point magnetic service hatches that make access to the interior easy. The covers also create a canvas where only the imagination sets limits to what can be displayed.

Bike Anatomy


The stabilizers on the BODY BIKE SMART® are wide to ensure stability during workout. They are made from steel – then shot-blasted, primed and powder-coated for extra strength. They are equipped with rubber feet that absorb the impact from the load of the user’s pedal strokes.

Transport wheels are mounted on the front stabilizer making it easy to move the bike.

Bike Anatomy


The pedal arm is a critical component on an indoor bike as it needs to withstand a huge load. BODY BIKE® has taken the consequences of this and designed their own pedal arm. The BODY BIKE SMART® comes with this special designed and unbreakable BODY BIKE® pedal arm in cast iron, 170mm / 6,7inch. The pedal arm is compatible with all standard pedals.

Bike Anatomy


The BODY BIKE SMART® frame is robot-welded to provide accurate and strong weldings. The frame is made from powder-coated steel, and the front tube from powder-coated stainless steel. It features the power position geometry - the cyclist is positioned slightly further forward above the crank to maximise power output. The mounts fitting the frame onto the stabilizers are made from stainless steel to provide a secure and solid base.

Body Bike Smart


BODY BIKE SMART® has the industries best functional design providing both the cyclist, the service team and the club owner with a superior indoor bike.

It is optimized in terms of design, functionality, ergonomics and stability. It is the perfect indoor bike for every cycling studio wanting to invest in high quality with low maintenance as an added bonus. It is THE bike for high intensity interval training due to the sturdiness of the construction. The immense load that the indoor bike is exposed to during this form of training takes a toll on crank hub and pedal arms, but the patented crank hub and the unbreakable pedal arms can easily withstand the strain.

  • The SMART Release adjustments offer the indoor cyclist the possibility of adjusting his/her position from the saddle.
  • The side covers protect the cyclist from the rotating flywheel
  • The 4-point magnetic service hatches provide easy service access
  • The unisex SMART saddle is designed with comfort in mind



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