Dual AB Wheel

$11.20 $14

  • Dual molded plastic discs
  • Steel rod w/ comfortable molded grips
  • Strengthens arms, shoulders, & back
  • Trims & tones waist line


The TKO Dual Ab Wheel is a genius example of the hard work of fitness engineering. This device works off the simple principle that no movement or motion should go wasted, or rather that no movement or motion should be made that does not encounter some form of resistance. Traditional ab exercises like a crunch or situp does most of the work on the come-up, but many novices to fitness try to do as many as fast as they can, which end up meaning they let gravity bring them back down, leading to the entire second half of the exercise being almost useless!
The TKO Dual Ab Wheel, however, ingeniously makes sure you can't just cheat on half your workout. The wheel's design uses dual molded plastic discs around a single steel rod axle. The dual plastic wheels provide a high amount of stability to help keep users of any body type safe and upright while working out, and the specially molded grips tell you exactly how to hold the device as you get to rolling your way to a better body.
Unlike a traditional ab exercise that only mostly targets the core area, the TKO Dual Ab Wheel is also able to target the upper body around the arms, shoulders and back as a consequence of trying to stay upright during operation. As you wheel down, you have to fight against gravity wanting to pull you flat into a floor bellyflop, giving you an overall full firing of muscle groups all over the body, and when you pull back up your core and abs do a lot to help wind you back up to starting position. No wasted motion and no cheating are the best things about the TKO Dual Ab Wheel.




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