High Speed Skip Rope


  • Pro style design ideal for endurance training »
  • Ergonomically molded handles 
  • Adjustable to the Individual
  • Latex free
  • 90° perpendicular swivel design allows for speed without unnecessary wrist motion
  • Stable & Fast Turning Soft Low Friction PU (5mm) Rope
  • Environmental friendly PU rope
  • Length 290cm


The TKO High-Speed Skip Rope is a marvel of fitness equipment design improving on the old fashioned schoolyard jump rope that belongs back on a playground. Boxers and other fighters often train using skip ropes due to how well they build up overall stamina, aerobic endurance, and agility.
The TKO High-Speed Skip Rope is designed to be suited to amateur and professional alike. The rope's length of 290cm or nearly 9.5ft can be individually adjusted to perfectly match the needs of the user. The handle is ergonomically shaped to lie comfortably in the user's grip, working to reduce strain on the wrists.
The TKO High-Speed Skip Rope cordage is made from an environmentally friendly polyurethane 5mm thick rope, and the polyurethane material is able to keep stability no matter how fast you spin, but it also is able to keep friction low, reducing wear and tear. The rope is able to swivel with the handle at a perfect 90° without sacrificing any speed further reducing stress on the wrists. The rope, handles, and all components are 100% latex free, so anyone with allergies doesn't need to worry about this jump rope!
When it comes to fast paced, fun stamina building exercise, and if you are tired of the same old exercise bike or jogging path, give the TKO High-Speed Skip Rope a jump or two and see just how fast you can jump,skip, swish, and hop. Like all products with the TKO name, this is manufactured right in the heart of Huston, Texas and guaranteed to last!




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