Lightweight Skip Rope


Lightweight Skip Rope

  • Extremely lightweight for perfect swing motion
  • Adjustable to the Individual
  • Latex free with Shatterproof Handles
  • Stable & Fast Turning Soft Low Friction PVC (5mm) Rope
  • Environmental friendly PVC rope, Phthalates & Lead free
  • Length 270cm


The TKO Lightweight Skip Rope is a far cry from the jump rope found littering kindergarten playgrounds across the country. This skip rope is designed for high-speed cardio endurance training without the fear of the cord breaking or snapping. The skip rope is a great, fun new way to get your heart and blood pumping and the oxygen flowing throughout the body working legs, core, back, and arms, not to mention sense of rhythm.
The TKO Lightweight Skip Rope is made from an environmentally friendly PVC rope entirely free of toxic lead and stable and flexible, while being extremely lightweight without any phthalates added. The total length of the cord measures 270cm, or nearly 9ft, in length, but it is also completely adjustable to become tailor-made for any body type to use comfortably. The handle is made of a special shatterproof material completely free of latex, so those with allergies have nothing to fear from this masterfully assembled skip rope.
The TKO Lightweight Skip Rope's lightweight cord material will surprise anyone using it for the first time. Not only does it swing with little resistance, but this thin 5mm rope is able to hold the swinging momentum perfectly, keeping the arc stable and fast. The rope also generates extremely low friction on the handle, meaning there is less effort needed to get the rope swinging and almost no stress placed on the wrists.
If you are looking to add some skipping to your workout, and are wanting a solution to last you for years down the line, pick up the TKO Lightweight Skip Rope today from the most trusted name in fitness equipment: TKO Strength & Preformance.




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