Premium Resistance Cord

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TKO Premium Resistance Cord combines function with safety, offering a durable nylon sleeve to protect against damage to the tube and a safety coil that protects users if they tube were to snap.

  • Soft handle for comfort
  • Nylon cover for added durability
  • Safety coil to protect against injury if breaks were to occur
  • Light, Medium & Heavy options


The key to really work and develop strength is compound movement under resistance. In everyday life, we do this all the time picking things up, walking around, even simply waving your arm around, but just because there is some resistance doesn't mean you will get results anytime soon. You can spend a year straight tapping on a wall, but you are going to break it down a lot quicker if you throw some weight behind it. Exercise works the same way, something needs to create a resistance your muscles can work against requiring strain and the tearing of muscle fibers. Usually we use weight. Dumbbells, free weights, even body weight, but what else can be harnessed for an effective workout?
The TKO Premium Resistance Cord uses the tension generated within the stretching of a thick rubber tube within a durable nylon sleeve to provide you all the power you need to give you a great workout. Designed with a soft, comfortable handle, this resistance cord lets you adjust the difficulty of the tension you work against just by changing how much cord you are pulling on. And don't worry about the rubber cord snapping one day and causing serious injury, since the whole nylon encased rubber cord is surrounded by a thick safety coil to protect against any snapping without compromising the effectiveness of the resistance band.
Being available in three different strength levels, the TKO Premium Resistance Cord will make a great addition to any routine, especially the home fitness enthusiasts without lots of heavy workout equipment lying around. And for fitness veterans, try giving a go of the resistance bands in place of a set of curls to see how much easier the set up and clean up is for a simple cord over a mess of racks and weights.




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