Pro Cast Kettlebell

$17.60 $22

  • One piece cast, makes for a stronger handle
  • Wide flat surface at the bottom for maximum stability
  • Oversized handle for easy transitions from hand to hand
  • Matte black powder coat finish


The kettlebell's unique design allows for a wider range of motion over a dumbbell due to the lower center of gravity. This mean for a more active workout with more movement options, helping improve both cardio and flexibility in addition to strength. The TKO Pro Kettle Bell improves on the original concept by incorporating a much wider handle than average to make for easier handling without having to chafe your palms trying to pass it between hands.
Like all TKO products, the TKO Pro Kettle Bell is manufactured right in the heart of Huston. This kettlebell is forged from a single piece of metal to ensure it can never fall apart. With this piece of equipment there is no possibility of failure, meaning a great overall reduction of the possibility of kettlebell related injury. The broad bottom is perfectly flat, providing a wide base for greater stability that the average kettlebell.
The final point of ultimate comfort and use of the TKO Pro Kettle Bell is the matte black powder coat finish. The micro-textured grooves of the matte power finish works with the extra wide, extra stable handle to provide an almost non-slip grip, making it even safer and comfortable.
Whether you are a complete novice to free range weighted exercises, or if you are a seasoned Crossfit Box pro, the TKO Pro Kettle Bell is the obvious kettlebell of choice for anyone who can choose, and if you are just looking to change up your routine, the kettlebell will open up a wide avenue of workouts.




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