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  • 22 oz. PVC coated vinyl outer shell
  • Heavy gauge welded “D” & “O” rings
  • Includes powder coated steel chain & swivel (502BCA)
  • Double end tie down design
  • Specially blended fiber fill
  • Hydraulically filled for even weight distribution


The TKO 100lb Pro Style Heavy Bag is a heavy punching bag of the finest degree. The bag is made of a vinyl fabric coated in a special PVC polymer making it both durable and easy to clean with a simple wet cloth. The outer bag is also designed not to absorb and odor or fluid residue, be it bloody knuckle juice or a barrage of sweat. The outer bag is also surprisingly lightweight weighing only a pound and a half.
Attached to the bag for ease of suspension is high-grade industrial gauge heavy welded 'D' and 'O' rings proven to hold up to the beating you are going to unleash upon it. A powder coated steel chain and swivel are also included in order to allow for suspending from a ceiling without the need for a specialized bag rack.
The double-ended tie down design of the bag is designed to prevent leaking of the fill, so you can feel free to punch, kick, and slam the TKO 100lb Pro Style Heavy Bag without fear of it breaking open on you. The fill itself is a specialized fill blended under proprietary methods used by TKO made from freeform fibers to maximize shock absorption. The bag is filled via hydraulic press for an even distribution of weight and material.
When it comes to boxing, trust the folks at TKO. After all, the goal is right there in the name: Technical Knock Out, and TKO has been helping boxing and fitness enthusiasts get there since the 1990s.




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