TKO Lightweight Skip Rope


TKO Lightweight Skip Rope


Skip ropes have quickly become one of the most popular pieces of equipment, because of the plethora of benefits they have. However, this TKO Lightweight Skip Rope isn’t your average P.E. equipment. This lightweight rope is built with endurance in mind. It is stable and shatterproof, to give users the best experience. Skip ropes are the perfect equipment for high-speed cardio endurance. The constant jumping motion gets users hearts and blood pumping. The action also causes oxygen to flow through users legs, core, back, and arms. The motion also increases stamina and agility.

Jumping rope really is a full body workout -- which is why the exercise is so popular among athletes. Since skipping rope is also a fun way to burn calories that many remember fondly from childhood, it is also a great way for novices to challenge themselves.

The TKO Lightweight Skip Rope is made from an environmentally friendly PVC rope.  It is free of toxic lead and phthalates. This allows the rope to be stable, flexible, and extremely lightweight. The cord swings with little resistance, which is perfect for beginners. It also holds the swinging momentum perfectly, by keeping the arc stable and fast.

The rope cord measures 270 cm, or nearly 9 ft in length. It is completely adjustable, so it can be tailored to fit any body type comfortably. This means anyone in your gym can use this rope as part of their daily workout. The rope generates low friction on the handle, so there is less effort to get the rope swinging. This puts less strain on users wrists, so they can work out longer.

The handles are made of shatterproof material, so no matter how fast or how hard someone grips, the handles will stay intact. The handles are also free of latex, so those with allergies can enjoy their workout without worries.




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