• Effective Kettlebell Exercises

    Kettlebells long have been a staple of fitness in Eastern Europe which have only recently made their way over here to the States. People who integrated them into their workouts have been seeing amazing results, while those who refuse to use them continue to thumb their nose, but the tides are changing. Dumbbells, barbells, and machines still stay top of the American fitness world, but there is definitely a lot to be said of this reportedly ancient tool. Think back to the first fit civilization in the world, the Ancient Greeks. They are reported to have invented this piece of equipment. They survived through the ages long enough to give birth to civilization in Europe, and by many accounts, their love of fitness and the kettlebell are to thank.
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  • Get the most from your punching bag

    Most people think of a punching bag and automatically thing of a boxing gym, or I guess nowadays even some form of MMA fighting. This makes sense; the punching bag is something primarily made to train the body for fighting. You punch it a few times, your hand and arm start to hurt a bit, and then the next time you decide to punch it your hand and arm hurt less when you punch it. Is that the whole story? Like with any form of physical exercise, I put my money on the fact there is a whole lot going on when using a punching bag for training, so let's explore some of the ways to get the most out of your punching bag.
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  • How to safely us your ab roller and prevent injury

    When used correctly being the most important term. Through the years and development, one of the major complaints people had about the ab roller was how much strain it placed on the back. This isn't the kind of good pain from getting a proper workout in; people were developing back issues, but the source of their pain, like most injury from exercising, comes from plain bad form and not following directions. If you are looking for ways to avoid pain and injury from using your ab roller, follow some simple steps, many of which are quite common to just about any workout.
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  • Proper dead lifting techniques and common mistakes to avoid:

    The deadlift, when executed properly, works the glutes, the calves, the back, the arms, the abs, and pretty much every muscle group in the body in some way or another. Sounds incredible, yes? But just how does one properly execute a deadlift? There are whole dissertations, truth be told, that pop up on any search engine discussing and meticulously outlining proper form and the various benefits of the myriad variations that exist. It is baffling the amount of information out there!
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