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Professional athletes utilize agility equipment to enhance their performance on a daily basis. Now you can bring these incredibly useful exercise tools home or add them to your commercial fitness facility inventory with the TKO line of agility products.

TKO 15’ Agility Ladder

The TKO 15’ Agility Ladder is a perfect addition to any MMA gym or football exercise facility, as it aids in the development of precision footwork. This premium agility ladder features flat plastic rungs for safety. Measuring 15” from rung to rung, TKO’s Agility Ladder is constructed of ultra durable nylon straps and high grade PP material to ensure a long product lifespan. A carry bag is included with each purchase and the ladder is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. 

TKO Agility Cone

The TKO Agility Cone is a very simple but incredibly useful tool when designing agility courses. Use these highly visible cones to safely and effectively mark out paths and identify points of action. Each set comes with 20 cones and features a mix of exciting and fun colors to make any course stand out visually. A cone carrier is included to make transport and pickup as easy as it can be.

TKO’s Multi-Function Deck

TKO’s Multi-Function Deck is the ultimate tool for both homes and gyms that require a versatile solution for step classes, circuit training, boot camps, and more. This multi-purpose deck is a completely portable exercise system that be used for both cardiovascular aerobic training and as a strength training bench. The deck features two stepping heights, an incline and decline ramp mode, and a weight bench. The anti-slip rubber top mat keeps the user safe regardless of moisture that falls on the deck. Resistance tube channels are included! Step at a comfortable 8” or intensify your workout with a 14” high step option. The deck comes in a beautiful two-tone blue and gray design and measures 43”x13”x14”. The entire unit weights only 28 lbs, so transport and storage is easily achieved.


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