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Raw strength and maximum gains are achieved by lifting heavy weight in compound movements while maintaining safe and optimal form. This is true of professional body-builders and ordinary athletes alike. Lifting heavy weight requires commercial grade equipment, regardless of whether you are pursuing gains at home or at a gym facility. TKO has created an entire line of cages and Olympic benches to help you lift weight safely and effectively in both comfort and style.

TKO Olympic Benches

The bench press is a legendary compound lift that has been used for decades in its modern form to produce excellent results. By modifying the angle of the user, a bench press can isolate and intensify the usage of certain muscle groups. This makes the bench press one of the most versatile and effective lifts in the history of bodybuilding. TKO presents three Olympic bench options for achieving the gains you are seeking: Incline, Decline, and Flat. An injected molded bar catch with 2 positions allows for a wide range of user sizes and protects the bar from wear. For the incline bench, a 25 degree fixed incline position and adjustable seat ensure the perfect lift regardless of body type. The decline bench features a 15 degree fixed decline position and adjustable leg pads to help secure the user for ideal lift position. Rubber feet on all three models protects flooring.

TKO Half Rack and Power Rack

Squat, deadlift, bench, pull-up, and more on the TKO Half Rack and Power Rack. These premium structures feature 3”x3” steel uprights and polyurethane j-cups for preventing bar wear. Weight plate pegs allow for vertical organization and storage of plates while textured paint on the uprights provides ultimate wear prevention. The TKO Half Rack features three lower bang pegs and two Olympic bar holders and both offerings feature a premium laser-cut numbering system.


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