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A quality mat can make or break even the simplest of exercises. Without a comfortable foundation from which to operate, any part of the body in contact with hard flooring will become prematurely sore and may hinder proper form. A quality fitness mat is an essential piece of equipment for any home gym or commercial facility. Practical applications include stretching, yoga, crunches, sit-ups, bodyweight exercises, and more!

TKO Economy Club Mat

Commercial fitness facility owners must strike a balance between affordability and quality when considering large quantity purchases. With this need in mind, TKO presents the durable Economy Club Mat made of heavy duty PVC material. At 5mm thickness and 48”x24”, this is the ideal size for a wide range of applications while still being incredibly economical for large quantity storage.

TKO 2’x6’ Home/Gym Folding Exercise Mat

The TKO 2’x6’ Home/Gym Folding Exercise Mat is constructed of comfortable and durable long lasting foam. Covering this foam is reinforced vinyl and environmentally friendly latex. Heavy nylon stitching and inverted seams ensure that your mat won’t be coming apart regardless of the task. Gym owners will appreciate that this 2” thick mat is easily cleaned with a damp cloth for quick sanitation between use.

TKO’s 3’x6’ Home/Gym Folding Exercise Mat

The TKO 3’x6’ Home/Gym Folding Exercise Mat features all the same great features as the 2’x6’ variation, however, a wider design profile will allow for expanded use criteria and less frustration due to running out of mat coverage when performing a movement or exercise. This is the ideal choice for a user who desires to only purchase and store one mat for a wide variety of applications.


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