TKO Dual Ab Wheel


TKO Dual Ab Wheel


The TKO Dual Ab Wheel is an excellent example of innovation in the world of fitness engineering. This device ensures that no movement be wasted - or rather that no movement made does not meet some form of resistance. Traditional ab exercises like crunches or sit-ups do most of the work on the come-up, leaving the other half of the exercise (the come-down) unused and useless as most of us just let gravity bring us down. The TKO Dual Ab Wheel makes sure you don't cheat yourself out of half of your workout.

This innovative device targets more areas of your body than traditional ab exercises and makes the most of your movement by adding resistance every step of the way. By making you fight gravity in order to not fall flat on your stomach, the TKO Dual Ab Wheel helps you target your arms, shoulders, back, on the come-down, and engages your core muscles on the come-up. No wasted motion and no cheating are the best things about the TKO Dual Ab Wheel.

The TKO Dual Ab Wheel is made of dual molded plastic discs that spin on a single steel rod axle. The dual plastic wheels provide stability to help you balance, and keep users of any body type safe and upright while working out. The specially molded grips guide you and help perfect your hold on the device, making it easy to start rolling your way to full body strength and a better, more efficient workout.

For all your boxing and fitness needs, trust the folks at TKO. We have been helping boxing and fitness enthusiasts with the best supplies for over thirty years. TKO products are durable, long lasting, and the highest quality available. Built from the ground up by fitness fanatics, TKO is one of the most trusted companies in boxing and fitness equipment.  

Dual Ab Wheel Details:

  • Dual molded plastic discs
  • Steel rod w/ comfortable molded grips
  • Strengthens arms, shoulders, & back
  • Trims & tones waistline


California Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)




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