TKO Strength Equipment


The TKO family of Strength Equipment products covers a wide range of applications for both commercial gyms and home. Each product features professional-grade construction that is built to last.

Organize and protect your strength training gear with the complete line of TKO storage solutions. Whether you need an efficient way to store your gear in a small space, or you own a full-service fitness facility, TKO has professional grade racks to meet your needs.

TKO Utility Benches

TKO Utility Benches protect your back and provide a comfortable experience for users. A wide variety of bench options are available to accommodate any exercise. TKO benches can be customized to fit different body types and ensure optimal positioning during your workout.

TKO Commercial Power Tower

The TKO Commercial Power Tower body weight station provides a stable and comfortable platform for doing bodyweight exercises. TKO implemented a unique design to allow all exercises to be performed from the front. This is the ultimate upper body sculpting solution without using weights.

TKO Cages & Olympic Benches

The full line of TKO Cages & Olympic Benches are built to last and display premium design. All TKO racks utilize 3”x3” steel with laser cut numbering systems. TKO Olympic Benches feature injected molded bar catches with two positions that accommodate different body types and protects the bar from wear.

TKO Multistack

The ultra-durable TKO Multistack machines provide the best multi-exercise platforms for home or commercial applications. Three functional trainer models rise to the challenge to meet every need you may have. The cable crossover is compact and comes loaded with a dual pull up station. For serious commercial applications, dive into the 4-stack, 4-stack w/ leg press, 5-stack, or 8 stack cable machines.

TKO Plate Loaded

TKO Plate Loaded equipment allows the user to safely target specific muscle groups while maintaining the natural feel of free weights. By implementing a guided technique of lifting, this equipment will ensure that the user is performing exercises biomechanically and ergonomically correct. The TKO Smith Machine will accommodate any size with 8 height positions and features dual safety stops allow a user to lift independently and safely. Whether you are pushing or pulling, enjoy years of maintenance-free use as you rely on the world renown dependability of TKO Plate Loaded equipment.

TKO Commercial Strength Equipment

TKO presents a full line of Selectorized equipment to allow the user to target every muscle group in a safe and effective manner. This line is produced with commercial application in view and is available by special order only. Please contact your sales rep for purchase information.


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