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Not all bars are created equal. Selecting the right bar is just as essential as selecting the right tool for a job. Whether you need an Olympic bar or something else, TKO has you covered. When it comes time for mounting heavy plates and keeping them in place, TKO produces both Olympic style and lock jaw collars to keep you safe during those heavy lifts.

TKO 60” Olympic Straight Bar

The TKO 60” Olympic Straight Bar is the bread and butter of heavy lifters across the world. Flat bench press, incline bench press, deadlift, and more. This is the tool for the big compound lifts that give you the gains you’ve been looking for. Constructed with a hard chrome finish and 30mm shaft, you will be relying on this bar for many years to come.

TKO 47” Olympic EZ Curl Bar

Big biceps means big lifts. The TKO 47” Olympic EZ Curl Bar will be there every step of the way as you see those big gains in your arms. This bar features a hard chrome finish and 28mm shaft with medium knurling. A dual snap ring will secure the sleeves.

TKO Combo Hex Bar

Combo Hex Bars are an important tool for performing deadlifts and shrugs. The TKO Combo Hex Bar features a high and low optional handle for a variety of body types and capability. This allows inexperienced lifters the opportunity to learn good form and protect their back when lifting and lowering. The combo hex bar can handle up to 750 lbs.

TKO Middle Weight Power Bar

The TKO Middle Weight Power Bar features a 28.5mm hardened and tempered shaft and 208,000 PSI tensile strength. At 87” long, it is the perfect size to fit on a standard bench or rack. TKO’s rigid construction standards ensure that every bar is tested for strength, integrity, and straightness. A hardened chrome finish protects the bar from corrosion. This middleweight power bar is manufactured to extremely tight tolerances to ensure incredible performance every time you grip the knurling.

TKO Heavy Weight Power Bar

When the competition is fierce, you need a bar that will get you to the top. The TKO Heavy Weight Power Bar features many of the same specs as the Middle Weight Power Bar, however, this ultra-durable bar is designed with 225,000 PSI tensile strength for athletes needing extreme performance from their bar. Heavy duty, high spin, low friction needle bearings with eight needle bearings per bar are included to ensure this bar performs to the highest standards during competition and training.

TKO Weight Bar Accessories

There a few necessary accessories for any bar, whether in a home gym or commercial fitness facility. Wrap your bar with the TKO Commercial Bar Pad that features 16” of high-density foam and durable nylon for lifting comfort. When it comes to securing your plates, look no further than the 2” TKO Olympic Quick Clip Collar or TKO Lock Jaw Collar. The Olympic Quick Clip is the tried and true method that’s been around for generations of serious lifting athletes. It’s easy to put on and take off and will fit 2” international standard bars. The Lock Jaw Pro Collar is ALL NEW and features an improved design to increase strength and holding power over 50% compared to the classic version of this innovative design. Elastomer plates and resin frame protects your bar and plates from damage while exerting a significant clamping force. This is the ideal choice for serious lifters, high impact workouts, or any time a bumper plate will be used on a bar.


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