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There’s fitness training, and then there’s fitness training while wearing a weighted vest. This one tool, found in both home gyms and commercial fitness facilities, tends to separate the serious athletes from the rest of the pack. With such a wide range of exercises that are compatible with a weighted vest, this is easily one of the best additions you can make. From professional athletes to firefighters, the weighted vest is easily considered a classic gym “essential”. Now TKO is making this diverse and time-tested piece of equipment available in a robust and affordable package with max weight options.

TKO 20 lb Weighted Vest

The TKO 20 lb Weighted Vest is ideal for overall body toning, sports rehab, strengthening both large and small muscle groups of the legs, and increasing balance and coordination. This durable synthetic vest features SOFTSTEEL weights that conform to your body for maximum comfort during workouts. Weights are adjustable in 1 lb increments and a total of eighteen weights come with the vest. (the vest is 2 lbs alone) Any body type can utilize the TKO 20 lb Weighted Vest as it features a quick Velcro closure system that adjusts to accommodate various sizes.


TKO 40 lb Weight Vest

The TKO 40 lb Weight Vest features many of the same design characteristics as the 20 lb variation, however, this upgraded version is designed to meet the needs of high-performance athletes who need more load bearing capability in their weight vest. The 40 lb weight vest features thirty-eight individual SOFTSTEEL 1 lb weights that insert into ultra-durable stretch pockets sewn securely into the synthetic vest. With added weight comes a heavier emphasis on comfort, which makes the conforming characteristics of the TKO 40 lb Weight Vest even more important on this model. For high-performance athletes, this 40 lb variation is the ideal choice for intensifying workouts and developing superior balance and coordination.



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