Free Standing Single Suspension Bay - Combat Package


  The fully loaded Foundation of the Free Standing Suspension Bay allows for complete customization of TKO's all new Defiant modular Suspension and Storage bay system are a great addition to any training facility.  Gives any environment the ability to store med balls, wall balls, stability balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, mats and more...  With a full line of unique shelfing, you have the freedom to choose based on your needs.  The Suspension capability is perfect for functional training areas, with a unique 3-Way Swivel to hold a variety of suspension trainers or heavy bags.


  • 550 lbs Counter Balance Weight to make Free Standing
  • Front and Rear Outriggers
  • Modular Configuration
  • Expandible anytime
  • Unique Shelfing options
  • Compact Footprint
  • Can be freestanding with a variety of foot options


  1. Free Standing Counter Balance System
  2. Front and Rear Outriggers (2 EA) 
  3. Adjustable Ball Rack (1)
  4.  Adjustable Tray Rack (3)
  5.  3-Way Swivel (2)
  6. DB-Med-48 (509CMB-6,8,10+12 lb) Commercial Medicine Balls
  7. DB-Slam-48 (509SBT-10,15,20+25 lb) Tire Slam Balls
  8. DB-KB-Light (K856PKB-4,6,8,12,16+20 kg) Pro Cast Kettlebells
  9. DB-PB-48 (K250PB-5,10,15+20 kg) Pro Performance Bags
  10. DB-MS-Pack (3 x Mats, 1 65CM Stability Ball, 2ea L,M,H+XH & XL,L,M+H Strength Bands + Band Connector Upright
  11. 502V-75 Heavy Bag

Standard Color - Matte Black 

Customization - Choose your color for the uprights

Footprint:  90.25" x 44 3/4" x 95 1/2"

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)



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