TKO Battle Ropes


Think about your favorite boxer or mixed martial arts fighter. Chances are they use battle ropes several times a week in their regular workout routines. This high-performance workout emphasizes cardiovascular endurance, strength, and coordination to create a total body workout that is a great addition to any exercise plan. With a variety of attachment options, battle ropes can be right at home in a garage or commercial fitness facility.

TKO Battle Rope Anchor

It’s easier than ever to add battle ropes to a home or commercial fitness facility with the TKO Battle Rope Anchor. Featuring a simple wall mount design, this anchor is the ideal choice for installing a battle rope system.

TKO Battle Rope Holder

Getting tired of your battle ropes laying across the floor or in a pile in the corner? TKO provides a simple yet effective solution in the form of the TKO Battle Rope Holder. This hardware mounts to the wall for easy battle rope storage, which helps maintain a safe and clean workout space.

TKO Battle Rope

The battle rope is now a modern day classic. The TKO Battle Rope is a simple and economical option that, when used correctly, will aid in the development of explosiveness, power, stamina, and grip strength. Overall, this unique tool emphasizes conditioning and raw core strength. The TKO Battle Rope is available in a 1.5” diameter with 20’ and 30’ length options to meet the needs of any workout space.

TKO’s ultra-durable Deluxe Battle Rope

TKO’s ultra-durable Deluxe Battle Rope is a premium offering that takes the classic battle rope design and adds in a protective nylon sleeve to resist abrasion and protect your investment. The Deluxe Battle rope also comes in a wide variety of sizes with both 1.5” and 2” diameter options and 30’ or 50’ length options. The 30’ length nylon sleeve is blue and the 50’ length sleeve is black for easily differentiating between the two when stored together.


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