TKO Cable Attachments


Cable machines are perfect for isolating specific muscle groups when combined with the right attachments. This is why you will find top of the line cable machines, like the TKO Functional Trainer, in every commercial fitness facility and some home gyms. With this in mind, TKO has produced a complete line of durable attachments that will help you target your arms, back, legs, and core with ease.

TKO 24” Triceps Rope

Explode your arms with the TKO 24” Triceps Rope. This commercial grade polypropylene rope attaches easily to any machine and features rubber handles and a solid end design. When it’s time to smoke your triceps, you’ll be turning to this attachment again and again. For additional triceps work or bicep curls, clip on the TKO Hammer Rope. Manufactured with heavy duty nylon with a chrome clip for easily taking the attachment on and off, this rope is perfect for your home gym or commercial fitness facility.

TKO’s Functional Trainer

Cable machines are designed specifically for a variety of bar attachments. TKO offers a full line of chrome bars that accommodate a wide variety of exercises with premium features like revolving centers and polyurethane round grips. Chrome clips make these attachments incredibly simple to attach and detach from any cable machine, such as TKO’s Functional Trainer. Whether you need to target those stubborn lats or build explosive biceps with a curl bar, TKO has you covered.

TKO Neoprene Ankle Strap

Expand what your cable machine can do for you by adding an ankle strap into the mix. The TKO Neoprene Ankle Strap features a neoprene padding for extreme comfort, adjustable hook and loop closure system, and a black anodized “D” ring attachment point. For a superior comfort experience, utilize the TKO Ultimate Ankle Strap with synthetic sheepskin padding and nylon strap. This also attaches with an ultra durable black anodized “D” ring attachment.


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