TKO Heavy Bag Stand


The legendary heavy bag is an essential component of any combat sports facility inventory. Most boxing and mixed martial arts gyms will at least have one, if not numerous heavy bags of various sizes. However, a heavy bag is only as good as the mounting solution it is installed on. If the bag is not secure, it is not very useful for serious training involving intense striking and footwork. With this is mind, TKO set out to provide a dependable, affordable, and rugged solution that is ideal for both home use and in a commercial combat sports facility.

TKO Commercial Heavy Bag Stand

The TKO Commercial Heavy Bag Stand features a classic design with professional use in view. Featuring heavy gauge steel construction with an ultra durable black frame, this stand will hold up to a 100 lb bag securely. The TKO Commercial Heavy Bag Stand measures 44” wide x 68” deep x 94.5” tall. This mounting solution is a common choice for both commercial combat sports facilities and garage gyms. TKO Heavy Bags and other accessories are sold separately.

TKO Commercial Heavy Bag Wall Mount

TKO’s Commercial Heavy Bag Wall Mount securely affixes your favorite heavy bag to any wall with heavy gauge steel construction and holes aligned for firm placement on 16” on-center studs. With a 48” extended arm and support rails, this mounting option is ideal for kickboxing, MMA, and boxing as there is plenty of room to throw devastating kicks and large strikes at nearly 360 degrees around the bag. This is a perfect solution when space efficiency is a primary concern or multiple bags must be mounted in the same general area. TKO heavy bags and other accessories are sold separately.


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