TKO Punch Mitts & Targets


Combat athletes must be precise and calculated with their striking. This is why the classic punch mitt is one of the most important pieces of training gear that a fighter can use along their path of development. Whether the user is training to develop precise striking or overwhelming power, TKO has the right solution. All TKO mitts and pads are constructed using a top of the line leather construction and reinforced stitching to ensure superior durability. You won’t find a serious boxer or mixed martial arts fighter on the planet that does not consider mitts and pads essential for weekly or even daily use.

TKO Pro Line Cobra Mitts

The TKO Pro Line Cobra Mitts offer premium leather construction and reinforced stitching that can take the heat over and over again. With a smaller design and curved profile, the Pro Line Cobra Mitt from TKO will help the user emphasize speed and precision with each successive jab, hook, and cross. Universal sizing means that anyone can pick up these mitts and function as a training partner.

TKO Pro Line Focus Pads

The TKO Pro Line Focus Pads are constructed of incredibly durable top grain leather construction and reinforced stitching. The adjustable hook and loop closure ensures a personal and comfortable fit for any adult training partner. The TKO Pro Line Focus Pads feature a longer design with a larger striking surface to emphasize devastating stopping power and precision. With this offering from TKO, you can throw the big shots again and again.


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