A freestanding heavy bag designed for the rigors of both tough gym and home training! At 70” tall – nearly 6’ – and a full 16” in diameter provides the ultimate punching, kicking and striking bag for all sizes and skill levels. A solid dense foam core with a durable canvas backed vinyl cover provides ideal resistance and shock absorption. A high-tech PVC rubber Flex-Neck attaches the industrial plastic base to the full-length center pole for slight flex-action when striking the bag to offer athletes an astounding real opponent feel and action. The base conveniently fills with approximately 260 lbs. of water or sand for excellent stability. Unique design allows the bag to be slightly tilted and easily rolled to and from training area to keep it stored out of the way when not in use, if desired. The TKO Sparring Partner Freestanding Heavy Bag is the professional choice for demanding athletes everywhere, especially when hanging a heavy bag is not possible or desired.


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