Whether you are in the ring or the octagon, TKO provides the competitive edge with products designed for high-performance combat athletes. TKO’s full line of quality wrap, gloves, mitts, pads, bags, and accessories will prepare you for both training and competition at every level.

Start by protecting your hands with the comfort and flexibility of TKO’s ultra durable cotton hand wraps. Then prepare to deliver the knockout blow with professional grade gloves made with top grain leather and high-quality linings. TKO Bag Gloves are available in two sizes and will protect your hands while you put in the hard work perfecting every strike. Pro Style Training Gloves are available in 12 oz or 14 oz and remain secure during those extended sparring sessions thanks to adjustable wrist wraps. Finally, compete at the highest level with TKO’s premium leather MMA Competition Gloves available in multiple sizes for the perfect fit.

Serious combat athletes know the value of top quality mitts and pads. TKO Pro Line Cobra Mitts are made with premium leather construction and provide a smaller profile to develop speed and improve striking. Train to deliver powerful blows with the larger striking surface of the TKO Pro Line Focus Pads with reinforced stitching and adjustable fit.

Develop both speed and precision with the TKO top grain leather speed bag mounted on a fully chrome plated speed bag swivel. TKO speed bags are available in 9”x6”, 10”x7”, and 11”x8”. Intensify your training with Pro Style Heavy Bags available in 50 lbs, 75 lbs, or 100 lbs. Deliver powerful kicks to the extra long TKO 125 lb Muay Thai Bag that features a 22 oz. PVC coated vinyl outer shell designed to absorb maximum punishment during full kickboxing workouts.

TKO commercial heavy bag stands and mounts offer flexibility and durability with heavy gauge steel frame construction and plenty of room to work around the bag. Built for professional use, The TKO Heavy Bag Stand will handle up to a 100lb bag. The TKO Heavy Bag Wall Mount will support bags up to 150 lbs and is designed specifically for ease of installation with holes aligned for 16” on center wall studs


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