Commercial Ab/Crunch Bench

$621 $690

  • Fully adjustable w/ (6) different angles
  • Rear transport wheels for easy mobility.
  • Wider profile for increased stability
  • Convenient assist handle for easy on & off 


  • Assembled Size: 55” L x 33” W x 47” H
  • Package Size: 51” L x 23” W x 8” H
  • Weight: 82 lbs.


Everybody wants those tight, toned abs carved like a Greek marble statue. Situps and other core exercises are the simplest way to work, but just lying down on the floor can cause discomfort. Even with the use of a mat, there is only a thin foam sheet cushioning your tender back. And everyone's back has enough stress to deal with throughout the day without adding more trouble on top of that.
A solution is using a rig or machine setup designed specifically for working out the abdominals and the core in general. The TKO Commercial Ab Crunch Bench is just what you need. This machine is designed with any gym in mind. Coming in at a bit over 75lb, the Ab Crunch Bench is equipped with rear transport wheels for easy transport and maneuverability.
The sturdy frame of the TKO Commercial Ab Crunch Bench takes up a carpet area of under 6ft across. This, in addition to its extended width, allows it to comfortable sit any size frame, letting it be accessible to people of any size and fitness level. The bench also has convenient grips and handles for ease of mounting and dismounting without fear of falling over.
For functionality, the TKO Commercial Ab Crunch Bench is sports full adjustability with six different angled points of adjustment allowing to change various inclines and using a wide array of core and abdominal exercise.
Some assembly is required, but once put together, the TKO Commercial Ab Crunch Bench is sure to be an important component of your home fitness regiment.




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